In preparation for your scheduled house call from Academy Animal Care, you may fill out and submit this pre-visit questionnaire online.


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I request vaccines for my pet(s) *
I would like to discuss health or behavior concerns during this visit *
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I need prescriptions or supplements refilled *
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If you have cats needing care, please ensure your cats are confined to crate or a small bathroom prior to our arrival.

If your pet needs a fecal sample checked, please collect sample prior to our arrival. 

 Please notify 757-934-2273 or as soon as possible:

  • IF your schedule changes  
  • IF there is a better or additional number to reach you
  • IF we can help your pets with additional services or medication refills

Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon, The Academy Animal Care House Call Team

If you prefer, you may fill out our downloadable form (below) and print to bring with you to your appointment or fax to 757-539-6512

House Call Pre-Visit Questionnaire Form